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Summit Acupuncture was founded by Sarah Smith in 2017 in Duncan, unceded Quw'utsun Nation territory, in order to facilitate patients to live in vitality, embodiment and empowerment within the surrounding Cowichan Valley community.



Patient Procedures:

NOTE: I won’t be giving hugs or shaking hands with patients, but I WILL be SMILING BIG  beneath my mask and glasses to see you :)

1. Patients are to arrive on time, and wait outside the front side door located beside the Waldorf Book Store. I will come down to greet you at your scheduled appointment time. This is to avoid overlap with anyone other than the practitioner. If you are early or it is raining, please wait in your car. 

2. I will open and close all doors and I will ask that you please use the available hand sanitizer or proceed to the washroom and wash your hands upon arrival.

3. A clean surface will be inside for your essential items but I ask that you keep what you bring into clinic minimal. Personal water bottles are recommended.

4. Only one patient is permitted at a time in the clinic unless you are a parent/guardian/nursing mother. This is to create safe space to the best of our abilities for those who are themselves or are living with someone of the vulnerable sector. The patient interaction is to be a maximum of 60 minutes and 20-30 minutes will be allocated to sanitization procedures between patients with disinfectant protocols.

5. All patients are encouraged to bring their own face masks. Blue face masks are available at cost for purchase in the clinic otherwise. 

6. New consent forms will be required to receive service. You will receive it via email once you have booked in for your appointment. It will be attached to your file. It is required that you fill it out online and email it back before your appointment.

7. On the day of appointments, Patients are required to use the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool at  https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en. We will also be completing our own assessment when you arrive at the clinic. 

8. Payments are to be made at the start of session with our touches square payment option. 

*Please note on our website that our fees have been adjusted.

Practitioner / Clinic Procedures:

1.  I will be conducting assessments of patients at the start of each visit to screen for indication of infection. 

2. High touch areas, patient belongings zone and treatment surfaces will be sanitized with hospital grade bleach solution and Viper Disinfectant between each session.

3. The clinic room will get a deep clean at the end of clinic each day and the entire Sol-Center will have a deep clean 3 times a week by management. 

4. I will be maintaining proper and diligent hand hygiene throughout treatments and in between patients.

5. I will provide each patient with the same level of attention and care as always, but my face will be behind my PPE equipment which will be consisting of a N95 face mask and protective eye goggle at all times.  Gloves worn in transition times.

Welcome to Summit Acupuncture, a one of a kind Acupuncture Studio located in Duncan. Here, registered acupuncturist Sarah Smith believes the wisdom of Japanese and Chinese medicine is a lifestyle, not just a career. Sarah empowers you to take charge of your own health and your own life, in alignment with our own true nature.


Treatments Offered

Gentle yet powerful, Sarah's treatments are based in the teachings of Kiiko Matsumoto Style (KMS) acupuncture

Initial Japanese Acupuncture Session

Follow Up Japanese Acupuncture

Follow Up Japanese Acupuncture

Pediatric Acupuncture


"Our bodies are an orderly confusion of nature"



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