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A Bit About Sarah & Her Approach

Gentle, Rejuvenating Japanese Acupuncture

Sarah Smith is an acupuncturist, outdoor guide, and mindfulness facilitator. Sarah’s great curiosity about nature and the movement of the human body have been the driving forces behind finding ways to bring together the wisdoms of nature, the science of medicine, and the techniques of traditional Chinese and Japanese modalities to benefit each patient. She has worked in clinics around the world, from India’s slum communities with Barefoot Acupuncturists, to Peru, to remote Canadian communities.  Her treatment strategies include acupuncture, moxa (a plant based infrared heat therapy), wholistic diet therapy, massage, cupping, facial rejuvenation, neuro-linguistic reprogramming, and mindful movement practices.

Sarah practices techniques in Japanese Kiiko Matsumoto style acupuncture. This style uses thinner needles and gentle, effective techniques that are friendly for children, elders, or anyone with hesitations towards needles. It is a systemic palpation method approach that is designed to provide instant feedback for both practitioner and patient. This approach benefits pain management, physical injuries, and supports pregnancy. The palpation technique engages and educates the patient’s deepening awareness of their body, which tends to have longer lasting effects. Abdominal diagnosis is a key tool used in this practice for establishing an accurate diagnosis of the root cause of an ailment – a benefit to all patients, especially those with digestive, autoimmune, and chronic disorders.

Sarah aims to provide bridges of communication between western and eastern lenses of health for the increased personal awareness of each patient, promoting empowerment by equipping patients with more tools to help strengthen their relationship to a vibrant and healthy self and, in turn, their relationship with nature.